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Through speaking engagments and workshops, Femi Olaseni inspires, teaches, trains, and entertains audiences from companies, educational institutions, and other organizations. The leadership your organization needs is probably already on staff. The missing ingredient is most often pieces of training and inspiration. Think of your executives, teachers, department heads, group leaders, up-and-comers with untapped potential, and even the peer-to-peer influencers already on your staff. Everyone of them can use tools for leadership to positive change. Book Femi Olaseni to entertain and inspire your team.

A Simple Offer:

Your 45-Minute Leadership Development Presentation for Free

Gather a few of your colleagues with leadership roles or potential. Consider a presentation during your lunch hour or any other convenient setting. Enjoy an interactive presentation on the skills of leadership that can propel your organization forward. All we ask in return is ten minutes at the end of the presentation to discuss what more MistuFem Group can do for your organization.

Great Organizations Require Great Leadership
at Multiple Levels

For large organizations, it’s not enough to have one great leader at the top. Leadership must be cultivated at every level. Gaps in leadership hamper growth and success like a chronic injury hampering an athlete. The solution is leader identification, leadership development, connecting & influencing. Many people take these skills for granted, but America’s greatest organizations treat leadership development as a discipline unto itself. Would you like to hear the training and leadership techniques in use at America’s Navy, Humana, Oracle, Intel, IBM, and many more of the nation’s most successful organizations? What if you could begin learning their techniques for free?

Femi Olaseni
Certified Speaker, Trainer, & Teacher

Mr. Olaseni maintains certification with the John Maxwell Team, voted #1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine. Femi is also a certified facilitator in the True Colors International technique.

In additioin to his work with MistuFem Group, Femi is the co-founder, president, and CEO of a 500-person, multi-location healthcare company, that he started at the kitchen table of a rented home, with his wife. He is a husband, father, Army veteran, and Texan.

Our Programs

Femi Olaseni serves as a speaker and workshop leader in west Texas and across the country. Mr. Olaseni is available for single event engagements and for recurring leadership training programs.

Some programs qualify as an organized Continuing Education experiences for continuing education units (CEUs) for professional CEU Transcripts. Transcripts will be issued from Bismark State College.

Our Clientele

MistuFem programs are favorites among:

Are you wondering what it would be like to have a certified success coach for your organization? Why wonder when you could know - for free?
Book Femi Olaseni to inspire and deliver great content with plans of action that your team can implement immediately.



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