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For different programs, we provide varying amounts of material for each attendee. Final costs will consider variables of number of attendees, program content, travel, and more. Please contact us for a discussion about your organization and a quote.

Our prices are very affordable. While it's larger organizations that tend to book Femi Olaseni, many 5-employee companies can easily afford a speaking engagement with the MistuFem Group. Some speaking engagements might cost roughly the equivalent of a company outing. The next time you are thinking of taking the whole staff out to dinner or on a trip, consider also the benefits of an entertaining, success coaching engagement in your own office.

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How to Start

  1. Contact us to set a telephone appointment with Femi Olaseni.
  2. Have a quick conversation about your organization.
  3. Receive a proposal and a quote for program material.
  4. Consider receiving a free lunch-and-learn in which Femi Olaseni delivers a 45-minute presentation. This will give members of your team a sample of the experience. If travel is involved with your engagement, the free lunch-and-learn can be done by live video chat.
  5. Sign a booking agreement and book a date and time.

It all starts with a friendly conversation. Please call or email.

Are you wondering what it would be like to have a certified success coach for your organization? Why wonder when you could know - for free?
Request a friendly conversation with Femi Olaseni, Leadership and Success Teacher.



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